My New Book!

5190fwhhsoL._AA1500_-150x150Coinciding with a radical overhaul of my website, I’ve got a new book out with the good folks at Quercus. The Cosmic Gallery, as it’s name suggests, is a visual feast of the most stunning images from space, with pictures from distant NASA spaceprobes, Earth-based observatories and orbiting telescopes. Rather than travelling around the sky, across the Universe or even through cosmic history, our remit here was simply to find the most beautiful images we could depicting the wonders of the Universe as the ultimate in “space art” – something that took a lot of haggling! Each picture is accompanied by a couple of hundred words of text describing the physical processes at work and the technology used to create the image – quite a squeeze! Anyway, thanks largely to the design expertise of Mr Tim Brown and the art department at Quercus, I think the finished result looks splendid!

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