Coming soon – Mars

Mars coverAfter far too long away (overload of work, plus moving house), I thought I’d better crank the site back into gear – not least because I have a couple of new books in the offing. First up is Mars: A New View of the Red Planet – another big project for the folks at Quercus. If any of you have seen my Cosmos book, then you’ll know the drill – a coffee table book for which you’ll need another coffee table (!), only this one’s all about everyone’s favourite planet (apart from Earth, of course). It’s packed with stunning images from all the latest space missions, and text that aims to provide a state-of-the-art account of our understanding of Mars, a gazetteer of its most impressive and intriguing features, and a history of our fascination with it, and our attempts to map it from orbit and explore its surface.

Mars is out in the US this November ( linkie), but sadly we in the UK have to wait until next April ( linkie). There are also various international co-editions in the offing. More on all that sooner rather than later, I hope…

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