… about himself

Hello, and thanks for visiting my home page. I’m a freelance author and editor, specializing in astronomy and physics – though I’ve also worked on many other subjects, and as a general editor in illustrated reference publishing. Over the years I’ve written for everything from multi-volume encyclopedias to websites, multimedia CD-Roms (remember them?) and magazines.

Subjects I’ve written about  include space technology, astronomy and physics, geology, palaeontology, climate, the history of science, archaeology, and architecture. I’ve also written at a variety of levels, from the 8-12 agegroup up to adult books.

As well as writing, I’ve worked as an editor, both in-house and out-of-house, for a variety of publishing houses since the mid-1990s. Some of these have been science-related, while others have simply involved my project-management and general editorial skills.

For the past few years, I’ve also been a partner, with m’colleague Tim Brown, in a book packaging and illustration business called Pikaia Imaging. We specialize in astronomical and scientific imagery, offering a combination of scientific nouse and visual flair in one place, and have also found ways of working computerized data processing into artworks such as star maps. For more on all this, see the Pikaia website.

When I’m not writing for the day job, I enjoy film, theatre and cult TV, travel, natural history, Forteana and writing for pleasure – and needless to say I’m working on a novel and a couple of screenplays in my spare time…